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Interview with Thanos Grigoriou from PHASE


interview_phasePlease present the band. What is the style you guys play and how are the band members as individuals?

Phase is the expression outlet we chose to stream our thoughts with... It has an actual life since 2008 while it's based on previously generated ideas of here and there. The style can be possibly described as Psychedelic Rock or something and the Line Up is consisted by Damos Harharidis, Marios Papakostas, Vasilis Liapis and me, Thanos Grigoriou...

Listening to the band's material is not that hard to guess that band such as Anathema are amongst your influences or inspirations... you name it!

I admire their work but I was never a casual listener we have probably the same influences even though I was never into the Pink Floyd either maybe the Beatles did the job in that... We also have met and teamed up with members of Anathema so we are touched surely from their approach... That's the meaning of music after all, sincere two way communication... Apart from that we are influenced and inspired from everything while some of the songs we grandly admire are often part of our live sets...

Phase are about to give a show in Sofia, BG at 8th of January at club The Box. This is going to be your first time to play here, so what are your expectations for the gig?

We want to share a really intense experience with the people that will attend and we hope that it will go smoothly so we will have the chance to return soon enough to establish bonds with our friends-to-be there...


And what the people who will attend the show here should expect to see/feel/hear? What you will offer to the crowd of your show in Sofia?

We are determined to excite their senses and leave them a great memory along with food for thought till the next time...

It is now such a hard period for the Greeks generally and who might think 4 young mеn are going to take time and effort to arrange gig abroad, travel for some hours, may be even loose money just for the sake of an hour satisfaction of being on stage. What made you do it?

Yes it's a big risk for us but we are not afraid to stand out and live... We could walk the whole world to find people handling their angst and worries efficiently like we are exert everyday... We'd walk the earth to find fellow travelers on our journey... Not people who follow, nor wannabe leaders...

There will be one more band for the show. It's told it will be a band called Reason Inside. What do you think about it?

They are really good friends of ours and we want to provide them what we hadn't when we were striving to stand on our feet like parents do... We hope we are not breeding narcissism... hehe ... They are really good blokes and we are enjoying spending time with them... They are so full of ideas too...

Duncan Patterson (ex-Anathema, Antimatter now in Alternative 4) cooperated to your album In Consequence (BackStage / InsightOut, 2010)

Yes we were really honored, it wasn't planned... It was just a matter of good timing, a Phase coincidence... Duncan enjoyed Ibidem and put down some key work... We owe him some drinks...


But now when he was looking for some live dates with Alternative 4 for Greece, he couldn't get any support from anyone there to make it. I really can't understand the reason why is that so. I remember the first time I met him was exactly in Greece back in 2005, when he was in Athens to give a DJ set and to perform live 2-3 tracks with the guys of band W.E.B... So, how do you think, why there isn't interest to his projects in Greece anymore? Why haven't you invite him in Larissa for example?

I doubt there are enough music lovers here with hungry ears... People are enjoying the safety of the bubble they are living in and are occasionally exploring as far as their nave string allows them... The only relationship that is promoted is that of client-suppler on anything including interpersonal relationships and Duncan like some of us is a victim of that custom... Usually if you are doing something well nobody supports you until you grow ghastly big and you are feared (we tend to call it respect)... From everybody's stereos a wide majority of businessmen has paraded and a small percentage of megalomaniac losers and a tiny-tiny percentage of artists... The flow through categories is flexible too...


Add anything you wish here.

Since it's days of joy and love I'll put a quote of the wishes we posted on our facebook page

'We wish you decide to open heart and mind wider from the coming year on and loose the glass tester you are living in to protect your self...You see, it has that magic mirror effect that defeatures light and thus you cant tell how you are, but from a distorted reflection, or tell if the alien that followed your desperate signals all the way, and tried to visit you on your distant desert planet, is friendly or hostile... There is no Life Before Love.. '

Thank you and good luck.

We thank you for everything!!!

Author: Albena Tsolova-Beta