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interview-tristaniaHello Anders thank you for the opportunity to have this interview with you.

Oh , no problem

Please tell me where are you at the moment ?


Yes and what are you doing except giving this interview?

Well I' back to my hometown - Stavanger in Norway and enjoying a day off actually and I'm thinking to start working on some new songs later tonight.

I saw that the band is quite active recently on Facebook so the news that you guys are working on new album are coming fast! So can you tell us something more for the coming release?

Well, the songs are taking shape and we are really enthusiastic about the way they are turning out. The plan is to work on the songs during the spring and summer and to enter the studio in autumn - October or November or something like that. We intend to release the new album next spring.

It's been almost 2 years since the last album Rubicon was released. It is the first with the new singer Mary. I found it quite different than everything that the band did so far, but at the same time it sounds really cool and it's clear that the band is evolving. How did the fans accept it?


I think all the fans accept Mariangela really well and we can see that on the tour we had done. They are really recognizing and accepting her. I think that for our fans this is special because TRISTANIA fans though the years have learned that this is a band that always develops and there is a change from album to album and they are used to be surprised. I think this is the reason they accepted our new singer so fast. In the new album there also will be something new. We try to keep our sound as a core for TRISTANIA but always add something new and different than what we done before.

So the fans have learned not to expect anything but to be surprised?

(Laughs) Yes, exactly !

From other interviews with musicians I know that having a woman in the band its quite difficult.. You have two!.. How do you guys get along with each other?

It's much better to have 2 girls than only one I would say (Laughs) They have some sort of community and its easier for two girls to be on a bus with bunch of guys than only one.

And they are good friends I suppose?

Yes, yes. We all are good friends so even if it was just one of them it would work just fine.

You did a video for the song "Year of the Rat" and it looks quite cool. Who is responsible for it?

The video was directed by a Swedish director Jakob Arevärn ( We got in touch with him; shared some ideas together and we recorded the video in his studio in Sweden..


Are you planning any other videos for this album or you will do it for the new one?

There will be probably new video for the new album I guess. Now we are looking forward to record the new songs and we already have some ideas for which songs we are going to shoot a video.

In 1999 TRISTANIA released a live album and video "Widow's Tour" . The video is only available on VHS. Aye you guys planning a re-release of the video on DVD some day or maybe recording a new Live DVD?

We want to make a new DVD but we turned down many offers because we don't want to make a cheap one. We want to be sure that we will release a proper DVD with high quality which of course is a lot of effort and money. That is the reason we are not re-releasing this VHS from 1998. It is with really poor quality and there is no point of re-releasing it.


In 2000 one of the founders of the band Morten left to form SIRENIA ... For some fans SIRENIA is the Heavier version of TRISTANIA What do you think for that and why actually you guys took separate ways back in 2000?

Well I'm not interesting in comparing the two bands. But if you compare what TRISTANIA and SIRENIA are for the last 10 years it will become clear why we decided to separate our paths

You have been in the band since the beginning and you have seen the band in good and bad. From 2007 till now most of the band members had changed except 2 of the original members? Do you feel that the lineup is strong right now?

Yes it's very strong. We are really happy with the additions in the band. TRISTANIA has been existing for more than 15 years and off course most of the people go through new phases of their lives like children and family. This was the reason for the departure of most of the former members. But when they decided to focus on different things we are happy for them. And we are always looking for good people to replace them. Now the lineup is great and really strong. Every family guy is replaced by keen guy or girl ready to go on tour.

The band is doing quite a lot of touring which is good. You were supposed to play in China but the tour was cancelled. What actually happened?

Well I don't know the details. We were more than ready to go because it was quite exotic thing for us to do and we were looking forward for it for many years. We did efforts to tour china earlier but this time we really thought it was going to happen. Unfortunately there were some technical problems with the visas and the promoter. I really don't know the details.

So let's hope it doesn't happen really often.

Yes, yes exactly.

You let the fans choose your setlist for the show in Dortmund Last year. This is quite cool idea how did you came up with it and are you planning to do it again?

Yes it was big fun to do it and I'm sure we will do it again. Our singer is making the setlist for every night after a discussion on the soundcheck. Every night we play different setlist and we want to be different every night. So we decided to publish all the songs that we rehearsed for the tour and let the fans decide. Then we ended with a really cool selection of songs.

So again you surprised your fans.

(Laughs) Yeah!


In June you will play in Bulgaria for the first time on LOUD FESTIVAL 2012. What are your expectations? And what do you know for Bulgaria?

Well I always wanted to come to Sofia and Bulgaria. Actually we were invited to different festival in Bulgaria I think last year but for some reasons it didn't worked out. Bulgaria is one of those countries that we really wanted to play and we all are excited about this. And LOUD FESTIVAL 2012 looks like really nice festival , kind of small but with really cool lineup and great bands so we will have fun.

Please, can I ask you to leave a message for your fans in Bulgaria?

Yes, I would like to say that we are really excited to play in Bulgaria for the first time and hope to see a lot of our fans on LOUD FESTIVAL. And we will make sure that you will witness a powerful show from TRISTANIA.

Thank you very much for this interview and see you in Sofia.

Thank you, bye.