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SEPTICFLESH will play in Sofia on 9 March

SEPTICFLESH will play at Sofia's *MIXTAPE 5* club on 9 March. They will be supported by LUCIFER'S CHILD plus one more band - which wll be announced soon.

TICKETS are on sale through - first 50 are priced 30 BGN (~15 Euro), then the regular price will be 35 BGN (~18 Euro) and 45 BGN (~23 Euro) on the day.

KULTUR SHOCK set to play in Sofia on 4 March

KULTUR SHOCK is returning to our lands and two years after their last show in Sofia, they will be headline a special gig at the *MIXTAPE 5* on the occasion of TANGRA MEGA ROCK's ninth anniversary bash on 4 march.

Tickets will go on sale right after Christmas with the announcement of the supporting band to follow.


SOLSTAFIR set to play in Sofia on 19 February

SOLSTAFIR from Iceland is set to play at Sofia's *MIXTAPE 5* club in Sofia on 19 February. The show is promoted by Bgtsc in association with the Rawk'n'Roll fanzine.
Tickets priced 30 BGN are already available via but will go up to 35 BGN after 29 December and 45 BGN on the day.

More bands are to be announced!


CROWBAR live in Sofia on 5 March

CROWBAR is set to play for the first time in Sofia on 5 March for TANGRA MEGA ROCK's ninth anniversary bash. Tickets are already on sale via Eventim on this location.
The show is at the *MIXTAPE 5* club with the support act to be announced very soon.



June 17th (Wednesday) 2015, 8:00 pm. Arena Armeec Sofia


Roxette are currently touring arenas full of cheering fans in Russia, The Baltics and Finland. This arena tour will wrap up in November this year, and then kick off again in Australia and New Zealand in February 2015.

- It's amazing to be back on the international scenes. The response we've had from our audience all these years is overwhelming and we can't wait to meet the fans again.

We look forward to seeing you in Europe! - Roxette

It has been 25 years since Roxette's breakthrough single "The Look" entered the #1 position on the US Billboard Singles Chart (March 1989). "Listen To Your Heart", "It Must Have Been Love" and "Joyride" also became #1 songs in the US, which helped establish Roxette as one of the biggest pop bands of our time.

Roxette have sold over 75 million albums – a number which increases everyday. With their impressive collection of hits, the duo ruled the charts throughout the 90's and well into the 00's.

After a long break, during which Marie Fredriksson recovered from cancer, Marie reunited with Per Gessle in 2011. With the new album "Charm School" and the single "She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio)" Roxette once again occupied the world's top charts. The tour that followed this album took them around the world twice, and they performed for 1,5 million people during 153 concerts.

In October this year, Roxette and their band kicked off a brand new tour in Russia, The Baltics and Finland. This February, the tour will continue in Australia and New Zealand for another nine concerts.

Today we proudly announce that Roxette have added several European dates to this tour. The European tour opens in Milan and will be followed by 27 concerts in 18 different countries. This tour will conclude during Roxette's 30th anniversary (2016) and has therefore been named "XXX - The 30th Anniversary Tour".

Last minute cancellation in the line up of the Romanian festival November To Dismember Metal Fest 2014

German death metallers Morgoth were forced to cancel their show at NDMF taking place in Bucharest this coming weekend. Here is the official statement of the band, issued some 24 hrs ago:
"MORGOTH forced to cancel festival in Romania!
Unfortunately MORGOTH will not be able to perform at "November To Dismember Metal Fest 2014" festival in Bucharest / Romania this coming weekend.
We would like to clarify that the logistical problem that came up and that prevents us from playing the show is on our end and has nothing at all to do with the festival promoters.
In fact, we thank them for their understanding and promise to make up for this by returning to play for you in 2015 instead.
We apologize to all of our fans in Romania for the last minute change of plans and look forward to seeing you next time...
Suport "November To Dismember Metal Fest 2014" with your attendance nevertheless and have a great festival weekend!
More about the cancellation here:
More about the festival here.
Thank you, MORGOTH"

The promoter Mihai "Coro" Caraveteanu of Axa Valaha Productions & Ribcage Booking also had something to say regarding the last minute cancellation:
"When you organize such an event like this festival is, with so many variables, even at this fair underground level where November to Dismember Metal Fest is, things like that can happen. Sometimes is not only the organizers who can make it happen, it also needs some comittment from the band as well. I want to underline that Axa Valaha Productions & Ribcage Booking respected all the details that we were asked for, flight tickets were bought some months ago and also all the other logistic and financial details were agreed very long time ago.
Considering that November to Dismember is a completely independent festival, without sponsors, we can only count on the support coming from the people who visited or will visit out event. This kind of situation is a big test that we hope it will make us stronger even if we're walking the hard way/ Looking forward for all of you this weekend at NDMF, cause we have a killer lineup anyway! Thank you!"
That's right, the line-up of the festival is still great. Here is the list of bands taking part in the 3-day extreme metal event:

PYOGENESIS (alternative / gothic / metal - Germany)
ASPHYX (old school death metal - Holland)
TANKARD (cold beers & thrash metal - Germany)
SCHIRENC PLAYS PUNGENT STENCH (old school death n roll - Austria)
ESOTERIC (doom metal masters - UK)
LIQUID GRAVEYARD (death metal - UK / Spain)
Предстои да бъдат обявени още две банди, с което ще бъде затворена графата на хедлайнърите. Останалите групи, които ще свирят на зимната метъл забава са
ABNORMYNDEFFECT (twisted grindcore - Rep.Moldova)
ANGERSEED (death metal - Hungary)
BLOODWAY (dark black death metal - Romania)
CASUS (brutal death metal / grindcore - Germany)
COLDWAR (hardcore / grind / sludge - Ireland)
DEATHSTRUCK (melodic death metal - Hungary)
DEHUMAN (death metal - Belgium)
DELIRIUM X TREMENS (death metal - Italy)
EDENKAISER (black metal - Spain)
ETERNAL DECAY (black metal - Israel)
INTO DARKNESS (old school death metal - Germany)
L'ALBA DI MORRIGAN (doom metal / post-rock - Italy)
LYCHGATE (black metal - UK)
MASS CREMATION (old school thrash metal - Bulgaria)
NAILED TO OBSCURITY (melodic death metal - Germany)
NOCTURN (raw black metal - Romania)
RISE OF TYRANTS (groove thrash death metal - Italy)
SANITY ASSASSIN (swedish death metal - Sweden)
STIGMHATE (fast raw black metal - Italy)
TONS OF POWDER (groove thrash metal - Rep.Moldova)
UNDERCROFT (death thrash metal - Chile)
WORMWOOD (raw garage black'n roll - Sweden)