Hello Vangeliss. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. FULL HOUSE B.C. are returning to Bulgaria. You have impression from the Bulgarian fans. So what are your expectations for the show on 8 December in Sofia and 9th in Varna?

Thank you for having me. I have the best of memories from the last time we played at Wolf Fest (Photo Gallery). Bulgarians are loud and active during the show! So I don’t expect less.

You are also guitarist in Wolfheart and played in Rotting Christ, so you have seen festivals and small club shows all over the world. Which types of gigs do you prefer, and which ones do you think fit better the music of FULL HOUSE B.C.?

I think festivals fits really good cause the music we play fits really nice but we really love smaller venues cause we want to be closer to the fans.

Is it hard to balance between two bands, sports (Heavy lifting) and personal life?

It feels quite normal. Things get difficult sometimes cause bands can easily overlap but every job has difficulties, so no complains. Training is the easiest part I think. It’s just fun.

I mentioned sports and it is impossible not to notice that you are fit as hell. Is it hard to keep in shape while on tour? I guess you avoid junk food and exercise a lot.

Thank you so much. I have been training all my life as natural so my body can’t get out of shape so easy. When I am on tour I am on survival mode so it’s a bit difficult to keep up a proper meal plan or training. I just do things here and there. Nothing special.

van ace weightsSource: Vageliss Karzis Instagram

BULL HOUSE B.C. released their third album "Bare Knuckle" (2020) just as the pandemic and lockdowns hit the world. As musician how the lockdown did affected you and did it change the music business in general.

It was really hard because people wasn’t paying any attention to new albums but we luckily got super hyped and Spotify blew up. From my latest tour I had with Wolfheart I can say that things got back to normal and I am really happy about it.

As I said you were bass player in Rotting Christ and in 2019 you and George Emmanuel parted ways with the band. What was the reason for that?

As people may already know I wasn’t a full member of the band and I was playing bass which is not my main focus. So Wolfheart came and asked me to join them it was a really nice fit. I asked to be the guitarist and become a full member. An upcoming and very talented band.

While doing this interview I just came back from Thessaloniki where I stayed for 4 days and attended 4 concerts. I have said it millions of times that the Greek scene is awesome and there are brilliant Greek bands. Can you point some other Greek bands that have caught your attention?

Yeah of course. Universe 217, Planet of zeus, Suicidal Angels, Phase Reverse just to name a few.

Any plans for a new album?

Yes! We are finishing the recording by the end of the year and it will be released at the end of May.

Can you leave some message for our readers and for the fans that will be there on 8 December and 9 December in Varna.

Thank you guys for having us. It’s an honor to play for you. I am sure it’s gonna be an amazing night. Hope to meet you guys after the show! Cheers!


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Author: Nikolas Petras