nightstalker-interviewHello Argyris thank you for giving me the chance to do this interview.

I thank you

As far as I know I'm catching you on rehearsals for your upcoming shows?

Yes, right now we are in the studio and jamming!

Can you describe the place where Nightstalker are rehearsing? Are there any satanic drugs from outer space around you?

Ha-ha yeah of course there are.. A lot of smoke as usual... He-He. No seriously we are working hard.

You have an upcoming show in Sofia.. Tell me about it

Yes! We are coming to Sofia for a gig in 8 Ball club! And then we are going back to Thessaloniki and afterwards in Larissa. I think after that we are returning to Athens.

So you are finishing the tour. Are you planning to work on a new record?

Oh we already have some ideas for a new album. But we need to stop touring for a little and I think until may we can concentrate on the new stuff. The reason for that is because on may will go again on a European tour.

You will arrive in Sofia day before the show and leave one day after that. I guess you will have enough time to see old friends and meet some fans?

Yes we will stay for two days.. The last time when we were in Sofia was... Hmmm..

20 years ago!

Yes! He-he 20 and something years ago.. How can I remember?

What are your expectations from the show?

I think it will be a great night full of Rock 'n' Roll.

Rock 'n' Roll? Is this the label that you put for the style of the band?

He-he you know, these labels come and go ...Twenty years ago they said that we play thrash metal... 10 years ago it was Indie or whatever sort of hard rock. The truth was that we even didn't know what we are playing, but we all thought it was Rock.. you know

I see.. You will be playing in Sofia with the Bulgarian band CENTER They are probably the best in this style here right now. Did you had the time to check them out?

Unfortunately not now! Because we are in Cyprus for 10 days for touring and I didn't have the time to sit down. You know how it is

Yeah I guess!

But I'm looking forward to meet the guys and have a beers or something.

Nightstalker exists since the late 80's! But the style that you play... lets name it "Stoner Rock" is in its peak of popularity right now. How do you feel when someone describes you as a new and modern band?

Well.... Hmmmm... We are still playing and that's the point ha-ha. For me the whole idea is to keep plaing your music and to be yourself.

Do you realize that you are the pioneers of this music in the Balkans?

No man.. I don't think so! I don't feel this way.. But I think it's because we love what we do and we cannot do anything else right now (Ha-ha)

Something that got my attention: You have a song called "Baby, God Is Dead" (Sueprfreak 2009) and BLACK SABBATH did a song called God Is Dead from their new album (13). What do you think for this coincidence?

Hmmm I think it's normal to reach the same conclusion! But I wander why it took so many years for Ozzy to feel this way?

As we are on the OZZY topic, I have to ask you about your colleague Gus G. I had an interview with him last week. What do you think for hi collaboration with OZZY?

Gus G worked very hard for that. He gave his life for his guitar and I'm really happy that life treated him fair about this. He is not just lucky, he is great guitar player and he deserves everything he has!

Your latest album Dead Rock Commandos came out last year. How are the fans accepting it till now?

When we started playing the album on our gigs the fans already knew the lyrics. This was really amazing. I understand that YouTube and internet helped, but I didn't expected reaction so quickly.

You have two videos along with the album. One of them I s "Children Of The Sun" where we can see a lots of people that are quite special for the band.

Yes! Old friends, new friends, Aandreas's child and wife.. some other children. All of them are children of the sun.


How special are those people for the band?

A lot! And we really wanted to give them something back!

As I said you are a band for a quite long time, so how can you compare the music scene in Greece and general now and then?

Well the Greek scene is stronger than before that's for sure. But the band nowadays don't have that support form labels and promoters. Is easier to make music now but its hard to go on tour. Two or three concerts out and that's it.

Did the internet spoiled the real fans of music? .. I mean collecting Cd's and LPs.

Yes I got the question!... How old are you


So you remember the tape cassettes?

Yes i still have some!

We were stealing music even then! Now they are downloading, back then we were re-recording it's the same shit!


What should the fans expect from your show in Sofia?

He-he we are going to give them a huge dose of loud Rock 'n' Roll with a lot of sweat!

Unfortunately I'm running out of questions for now, but I will save the chance to talk with you when you are here!

He-he yes of course just find me and we will have some beers!

Sure! Can I ask you to leave a message for the Bulgarian fans

Sofia we are coming back after 20 years! We are the Nightstalker and we are going to rock you!

Thank you very much for this interview and I will see you in Sofia

Thank you

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