Hello Chris is good to hear from you. How are you?

Hello, I am fine but I am a bit busy, because we have to prepare the band for the upcoming tour and the shows in March and April. Also next week we are shooting an official video clip.

Oh really? That is a surprise!

Yes, yes. There will be an official video clip for SEPTICFLESH and I'm also writing a song for a guitarist from Austria in order to perform it in St Petersburg. As you can understand I am always busy.

You just lead me to my next question. Why we haven't seen a video clip of SEPTICFLESH for so long? And can you tell us more about the forthcoming video? Is it going to be something special or it is going to be a regular live video?

Oh it will be really special, because as you have mentioned the last time we did a video was for the first time back in 1998 for "The Eldest Cosmonaut". Since then we didn't felt that we need to do video and also we didn't had the budget to do it. Actually the budget was not the problem, but we always gave priority to other things. Now with TITAN we think that we are ready to do something with a good quality. This is also the reason for the upcoming video clip.

I wish you good luck with that! The band is going to make their third visit in Bulgaria on 9-th of March. What do you expect from the show in Sofia?

Well it is always great to perform in Bulgaria. We haven't played there so many times, but I clearly remember the last show when we played with AMON AMARTH and AS I LAY DIYNG. It was an amazing experience and we can't wait for this again. We also have a new member in our line-up, a new setlist – everything will be new for us so we hope the crowd will like it.

Yes, welcome KRIMH, But let me take you back to Fotis. Why he is not in the band anymore?

You know, there in not a big drama about that. And there is not a big deal if we fired him or he left on his own. It all gossip stuff I f I can say that. The Fotis chapter for SEPTICFLESH is closed, and now we have a new one coming with Krimh. We are really thankful to Fotis and we wish him good luck in his future projects. There is nothing more to say... You know! ... We are still friends.

So there is no tension?

Even if there is some, the band is above all. Because for us SEPTICFLESH is not just a band – it is an idea!

It's been almost 8 months since Titan was released. How are the fans and media accepting it so far? What are the best and worst things you have read for the album?

Well I haven't read bad reviews so far. And the most important for us is that the fans react really well. The majority of our fans think that this our best work. And even we feel it. We have been on a lot of magazine covers and we can say that this is our masterpiece ... until the next one of course!

My favorite question is: And now what. What will be your next step in order to have another Septicflesh masterpiece?

You know!... We had the same concerns with "Communion", and then with "The Great Mass" and after that with "Titan". But this is the best for us because it keeps our flame of experimentation alive. We don't want to make another replica of Communion or The Great mass. Now we are thinking to add a new elements to our music and to our next album. We are definitely going to make step forward. We have proven that with our last 3 releases.

Yes! That's right! But the most noticeable in Titan is that Sotiris is less and less involved in the clean singing! What is the reason for that?

Well there is not major reason about that. We just felt that the songs didn't need Sotiris's voice. You know, maybe we are going to change that in the next album, but we still have to be careful, because Sotiris is never with us on tour and this is an issue. We don't want to hear him always from the speakers and the laptop, because the feel is different. That's why we have to keep a balance. You know He will always be there, but not really.

I know, I have personally seen your show with Sotiris singing and I can say that is way different than the recordings. Is he going to join you on the Greek dates and maybe Sofia? .. What would you say?

Well unfortunately he won't come with us, but maybe he will do some shows, for example Athens and Patra, but Patra is his home city so you can understand. It is difficult especially when after Bulgaria we are going on tour. Now we are focusing on our rehearsals with Krimh and the new setlist to see how the things will work out.

What should the fans expect from the show? Are you planning to concentrate the setlist on Titan or you will also surprise us with some classic songs?

Hah, what do you mean by classic songs?

Well something from Sumerian Demons or even A Fallen temple.

Well we have to be realistic. The band had done its biggest step after Communion. Now we are mainly going to perform songs from Titan because it is our new album and we have to promote it.

Your brother Seth is also in the band and having brother on my own I know that it's difficult to be on the same page with sometimes. Is it the same with you and what arguments regarding the band you usually have?

Always!.. What can I say?... We cannot avoid it. We have a lot of arguments and even Fights.

Fights? Really!?

Yes! But after all it's always about the band! We try to find a balance and not overpass our egos. We had big fights and arguments but it was always just to find the best solution for the band.

Do you advise him on some of the arts that he is making for the band? And the opposite - he on the music parts?

We all have our opinions, but all of us also have their own role in this band. You know, I am in the symphonic part and Seth is in the art and visual part and Sotiris is in the lyrical part. That is our specific area but all of us also compose music.

How hard is to handle such hard projects like Septicflesh and Chaostar. Their music is not simple at all and I guess it must have been quite hard to focus on both of them... But if there is a point when you have to choose just one ... what it will be?

This is tough question because both are like my children!

Yes, I know! That's why I am asking. If you had to choose only one which one will be?

Well if you look on the things realistically, I can do CHAOSTAR even when I will be 60. But with SEPTICFLESH that won't be possible. At some point it will come to an end, but I don't know when. We still have a lot of things to do... I really cannot choose, this is very difficult question. But one thing I know for sure. I have more shows with CHAOSTAR in the future than with SEPTICFLESH.

While we are on this topic is it possible to hear Androniki s voice in some SEPTICFLESH album?

Well you had heard her in The Great Mass album!

Yes. That's why I am asking. Can we expect to hear more from her in the future albums?

Well I will not agree to that! And we don't want to make it, how we did with Natalie. We have a lot of additional elements, choirs and stuff in the music so Androniki will remain front woman of CHAOSTAR, and she will focus on that.

Every musician has a dream or a major goal to reach as musician? What is yours?

Well you know I'm pleased with the things I have done already. Of course there are more things to do and to give to my music, but I cannot put any limits. Is something happens it will happen for a reason. I don't have any regrets on the things that I have done and I am pleased with the results of my bands and my music. And I wall forward to see what life will bring to my musical projects.

Special guests for your show in Sofia will Be George Emmanuel's new band Lucifer's Child. I think you know him pretty well? Are you planning see his performance and what do you expect of their upcoming debut album?

Yes we know George because he used to be our guitar tech. And I also introduced him to Sakis from ROTING CHRIST. George is like our child, because he was really young when he came with us, and we did a lot of tours together. I'm really proud of him and I like his project. I will do my best to see his performance and I hope his dreams to come true, because he is very talented.

Can I ask you to leave a message for the fans and especially those who will come to the gig?

I want to thank everyone for all those years of support. And for our Bulgarian fans that are coming on 9th of March. We promise to give our best show in Sofia so far, and we are looking forward for the energy of the Bulgarian fans because it will be great to be there again.

 Author: Nikola Petras

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