Hello Spyros how are you? Are you preparing for the show in Sofia?

Hey Nicko, we are doing great! As you guessed, it's less than a week so we are getting prepared. I advise all of you to do so...

This is not the first time you are supporting Rotting Christ. And you guys have also supported other bands like Suicidal Angels and Evile. What is it like to play with those titans?

It's a hell of experience! We really had great times both on and off stage. And of course nothing less than proud to be on the same billing. We try to do our best on stage to justify that!

Hot news now are that CHRONOSPHERE are going to support SODOM in Thessaloniki.. How did you made it?

It was like a contest...our fans actually made it! Many thanks to all of them for giving us this chance. We are also supporting Tankard (on December) and more shows are to be announced in the near future!

Why did you name the band CHRONOSPHERE and how did you came up with this name? It suits more to progressive –power metal band.

It was high time for the band to make a new beginning (back in 2012). Obviously with a new name. Actually, I really can't remember how did we came up with this name...Someone just suggested that, it sounded really cool to us and that's it! We think that "CHRONOSPHERE" is like a symbol for chaos. The one that people are afraid of! Our music sounds both atmospheric and aggressive so it can perfectly describe what someone will hear in our songs!


You have one album released and a new one coming up. Can you update us about it? When can we expect it

Everything will be announced on our official Facebook page really soon. All you have to do is to join us and stay tuned...

You got new video out Brutal Decay. Who shot the video and how it is accepted by the fans so far?

Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Outloud etc.) shot the video. What a guy...He was so cool that we have so many great memories from that day. It was absolutely great to meet him and co-operate with him! Well, if views & likes can represent the acceptance, fans really liked the video and they await for the new album to be released. We can assure them that the whole album will be as good as Brutal Decay!

The old school thrash scene is coming back to life. The fans prefer to call it "New wave of thrash metal". There are more and more bands that turn to this style now but few of them are successful. Is there any formula to deliver this old school thrash without copy/pasting from already existing titans like Slayer, Testament, Kreator and etc?

Yeap, the formula is to be open-minded! If you play like Kreator, you will sound like Kreator (unsuccessfully) so nobody will pay attention to you. People want to hear something fresh and different from the 80s stuff. You have to create your own ID! This is subjective, so it can
be translated in many ways. I don't claim that this is the successful way but at least it's what we're trying to do!

There is no doubt that the Greek scene is really strong and having in mind that we are close couturiers, we still miss such great bands like yours. Why do you think it like that?

Well, there are a lot of great metal bands in Greece. I guess it's a matter of affection. We love that kind of music in here, we are affected by older metal bands, we got into it by going to their shows and we wanted to create something like that. So simple...Seeing some bands that actually made it to spread their name worldwide was like an inspiration for us!


Are you familiar with some of the Bulgarian bands that are going to support Rotting Christ in Sofia?

Not yet but we hope so. As long as they are cool and drink beers...

What can the fans expect from your show in Sofia?

Nothing less than energy! Get prepared to bang your heads and mosh like maniacs!

Any final words to the fans that are coming to see you this Saturday?

Words are for pathetics, deeds are for metalheads! We hope to see you all there ... Cheers





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Author: Nikola Petras