interview-urbanHello Urban, welcome to Bulgaria again!

Urban: Oh, thank you so much.

So this is your second visit..?

Urban: Yes

The first time you were here with BLOODBOUND

Urban: Yes in 2009

Yes, now you are here for completely different thing

Urban: Yes totally different!

Ok tell us about your 2 days spent in Bulgaria so far.

Urban: Well they were quite busy. .. Two days ago was the first video shoot and we were lining all the gear and changing generators that broke and all kinds of delays before we got going. But once we got going we ended really fast. I think we did really good job and it was lots of fun. So we thought we got it sorted out and it will be much easier on the second day and we will finish earlier. Plamen called me and said "Look Urban we are going to set things up, so you get a sleep and rest and we are going to give you a call when its ready.. It will be around 10 AM." You know I was starting to have a cold and I wasn't feeling too good, so I waited for him to call me. He called me at 2 PM to get ready (laughs).

Ok so from what I understood you are hare to do 2 videos for 2 days? Not one but 2?

Urban: Yes 2 different videos for 2 days!

Well we can say that Is a record!

Urban: Oh yes it is kind of quick! But I think there are people that did videos for 5 minutes, but we are talking for different kind of quality.

You were working with Bob Katsionis for the videos. Is this the first time you meet him?

Urban: Yes that was the first time. I have seen him before but I never talked with him so you can say it is the first time we met.

So did you see his status on Facebook yesterday?

Urban: No because I'm not on Facebook.. I totally boycott Facebook (laughs).

Oh you are doing good! Anyways what he wrote was: "I had the chance to meet the new singer of PROJECT ARCADIA, Mr.Urban Breed! Very sweet and easy going guy, a total professional, it was really nice to be around and we are already making some common music plans."... Can you reveal some secrets around that?

Urban: Well there is not a secret at all. Basically we got to know each other and we enjoyed working together. That is really important. We both have different things doing as side projects, so I may end up singing on something he is doing on, or he playing on something mine. It's no big deal, we were not talking for making an album or anything.


So the videos are for the new album of PROJECT ARCADIA and this will be their second album. You have worked with lots of bands projects. What is your opinion for the record that PROJECT ARCADIA are now putting together?

Urban: Well first I don't work on so many projects anymore. I scaled the things down a little bit. When Plamen called me and sent few demo songs, I saw immediately that they have promise and I agree to do it, because I thought it could lead somewhere. So I recorded some parts and send it back to Plamen. It didn't took too long before he sent me updated versions of the songs, that sounded way better than the previous.

Plamen: The first ones I sent were demos and I didn't really want to send them but he insisted in order to see how we work.

Urban: Yes they were really ruff demos but when I heard the re worked versions with real drums and stuff... it was like a magical transformation. I can say that this shows absolute promise and think that this album will be stunning. You will be surprised how good this album is going to be.

Well I guess you listened to the last album. What do you think about it?

Urban: Well yes, obviously I had to listen to it (laughs).. Plamen sent me pretty good package with all of the band's stuff. The previous album shows quite good quality, it is not bad at all but I think we are step further this time...

Okay so now we need Album title and the title of the tracks?

Plamen: Yes the album is called "Time Of Changes"

... And the titles of the songs on which you did the videos?

Plamen: The one is called "Here To Learn" and the other is "Formidable Foe"

Are you going to play them on the live this Saturday ?

Urban: Yes, but you won't see the videos... you will see the band which is better (laughs). Shooting the videos gave us a chance to learn the songs.. It was great rehearsal.

When can we expect the album.

Urban: We don't have a deal for it yet so...that is a good question, we will complete it first and we will see.

So it is not done?

Urban: No it is not ready.. We have some more vocals to be done.

But you are ahead of the time. Most bands shoot videos and stuff long after they released the album.

Urban: It really makes sense from our perspective. We knew that we are going to shoot 2 videos, and we knew that we want to do a show or two. So we had the opportunity to do the ACCEPT gig, that set the time for it and I am here now.. I don't think that it is a backwards way for doing it because now we know that we have 2 videos. So when the album is out they will be in the deal.

So I guess most of our readers will be wondering... How come a band from Bulgaria ends up with a singer like Urban Breed and working on a killer album? And why you had to change Alexander.

Plamen: Well we couldn't work with Alexander anymore because he was too busy with Nikolo Kotzev's band. And that was the whole reason actually. There was a point when we gave him an ultimatum to choose us or him or being in both bands actually. So he had few days to think things over and he gave us a call and said "Well guys I can't go on!"

Urban: And that was how they needed new singer, because he didn't had time for the band. This is quite common.

Plamen: He was struggling you know. He wanted to be in the band and he didn't have the time.. but that's the way it is.


I'm asking this because you did an audition for new singers . And as far as I remember there were a lot of guys applying.

Plamen: Not that many but yes

So few weeks later you announced that the new singer is Urban Breed. And this came like a shock. Probably everyone thought:" Why the hell did I applied and sent demos when they choose someone famous like Urban?"

Plamen: Well actually I was speaking with Urban when we announced that audition!

So then nobody got a chance?

Plamen: No, no the main idea was to find a singer after we record the album, but having the chance to work with him eliminated the need of auditioning others. You know all the guys did their best and I appreciate the effort, but it would be a step back for us. We need to keep the same level and even do something better.

So I guess there is a storm coming?

Plamen: A storm? ...Yes, you can call it that way.

So Urban I guess the band will have to do other Live shows..?

Urban: Well yes I have always said that .. "Don't do one show and months later another one".. You have to do a proper tour with at least 3 dates in a week. And if you have that schedule I can fly over and stay here for months.

So you like it here?

Urban: Man I love Europe... I am European to begin with.. I am really from Sweden.

Ok I think we said almost everything?

Urban: Oh no we have plenty of stuff talk about! (laughs)

Yes I'm sure but I think it will be after the album is released

Plamen: Wait until you hear it .. then you will have even more questions

I see is the album going to be a concept one?

Plamen: Yes 6 or 7 of the songs are connected to each other

And the title "Time of Changes" what does it mean?

Plamen: Well it's the year 2012.. and all the superstitions people expecting the world to end

2012 is the concept? Isn't that way too much discussed and already getting a little boring?

Urban: If you take the 2012 ending - yes absolutely, but that is not the real idea. It is just appropriate to have it but it is not the 2012 ending.

Plamen: Actually is like a biography. It's somebody's life form the beginning not really till the end. So in the end we leave an opening.

Urban: We have 6 Songs.. These songs are tied together. Then you have few more just to let you easier inside the album

Plamen: We have an instrumental too and he hasn't heard it yet. It will be a surprise for him?

Urban: Oh that will be awesome! (Laughs)

Ok so now I would like to bring Urban back to his other projects. Let's follow the Trail Of Murder.

Urban: Yes, great!

So you have an album ready and it will be out on 29 October.

Urban: Well that is what they say in the UK, but the European release will be on the 26th and I guess we will have a bunch of CDs here in Sofia Bulgaria on 19th of October!


Urban: Yes and probably we will have a cool pre release party with PROJECT ARCADIA

That's cool because I've heard some nice teasers

Urban: Yes it is quite cool I like it myself. It is something that I put and listen to in my car. And that is something I have never done before.

You did the artwork for the album?

Urban: Yes!

Ok, then it is fine!

Urban: (laughs) It was pain in the ass and it delayed the recordings for Project Arcadia.


You said that you are not working on many projects right now?

Urban: Yes!

So Project Arcadia is the most active one?

Urban: Yes I've finished with Trail Of Murder and now working on PROJECT ARCADIA

So what happened with PYRAMAZE?

Urban: Well you are not the first to ask me but you will be one of the first to know the truth. I had a lot of complications in my life. Moving to the US, moving in the US, gear braking and stuff like that, the place where I live –having a construction so I can't record. That's how things got delayed, delayed and so on. So when project arcadia came and said "Do you want to do this?" I said "Good timing guys" because I could do it now. And then I felt really bad about the PYRAMAZE situation because they had been waiting and waiting for so long.

But they are still active right? .. even that Michael Kammeyer left the band..

Urban: Poor guy I love him to death.. But he is better now. I talked with him few months ago and he asked me if I want to do something with him if he comes back to ..

To what, to PYRAMAZE?

Urban: I don't know actually.. Probably yes. So I gave Jakob Hansen a call and I explained to him how I feel really bad about this whole thing, and if they want to go with another singer. I will be completely fine about that. He agreed but asked me if they cannot come with someone better or who can do it on time, to come back to me – so I agreed. Probably they are looking for new singer now and I'm pretty sure that they will find one.

Urban: But to be honest PROJECT ARCADIA's album sounds much more "PYRAMAZE" than the material they are working on right now.

13287 photo

There were rumors that you are working on solo album?

Urban: Not rumors I was actually working on it but I changed my mind. I figured out that if I have to do everything on it, in the end it is not sounding how I want.. So I left it.

You are singer so I guess it is ok to do only the vocals on it.

Urban: Yes but I also play a lot of instruments

Oh I see it is a matter of honor?

Urban: (laughst) Yes indeed!

Ok so now we are waiting for a killer album and an awesome gig on Saturday?

Urban: Yes I hope so.

Ok, can I ask you to leave a message to everyone who will read this interview?

Urban: Well yes... let's focus to everyone her in Bulgaria. – come and see us. And if you can't make it to the ACCEPT gig, don't miss the album when it comes out.

Plamen: It is Time of Changes and I hope this change will be for better

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